Climate Change and the South Caucasus /Caucasus Regional Meeting

The greenhouse effect is a phenomenon in which the atmosphere of a planet traps radiation emitted by its sun. It is caused by gases such as carbon dioxide, water vapor, and methane that allow incoming sunlight to pass through but retain heat radiated back from the planet’s surface. Given normal circumstances these gases provide the […]

Call for host organization of CDN General Assembly 2017

  We are announcing a call for the host of CDN General Assembly 2017.   The host organization will be responsible for the technical coordination of the meeting with support of the CDN Office. While CDN’s Executive Committee will be responsible for the agenda, the local host organization will have the opportunity to organize a […]

Ukrainian Young Greens: Autumn Camp 2016

  Ukrainian Young Greens had their first Autumn Camp (October, 14-16-th) in Kyiv. Participants of camp were from different regions of Ukraine. This event helped to create a stronger team.   During the AC we discussed pollution problems in Ukraine, searched the ways of solution and talked over our role in this process. We also […]

Call for CDN Network Coordinator

The Executive Committee of Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe AISBL (CDN) is announcing a call for a Network Coordinator. Together with the Office Coordinator the Network Coordinator (NC) constitute the Secretariat, who are the appointed officers and legal representatives of CDN. The Secretariat is responsible to the Executive Committee. The contract is valid for […]