Recapping CDN Annual Work plan 2019

This year was an interesting journey for CDN in the realm of digital rights, critical digital journalism, online artivism and activism. Thanks to our Annual Work Plan “Digital Technology For Democracy: Youth Turns Threat Into Opportunity”, we had the chance to dive into these topics.

This AWP consisted of three international activities:

1- Seminar in Kyiv, Ukraine “Internet as we know it vs Internet as we want it”,

2- Seminar in Misaktsieli, Georgia “Critical journalism in Digital Era: Youth’s access to non-biased information”,

3- Seminar in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina “Digitising Youth Ar(c)tivism”.

The third seminar was organized and delivered by the following team: Masha Dzneladze (CDN Project Coordinator); Mariam Khizanashvili (CDN EC); Cristiana Cerri Gambarelli (the Ecosprinter editorial board), Elena Petrovska (Serbian Green Youth), Maja Siljanoska (MODOM), Palina Burko (Belarus Young Greens).

The activity was hosted by CDN Member Organization: Revolt.

During four days, participants explored the concept of artivism and analysed its connection it to digital activism, practiced different art tools, explored the project planning of storytelling and finally divided into three different groups and worked on their very own (1) theatre play, (2) mural on a public school and (3) campaign for disseminating the Manifesto of the whole work plan. All the outputs, including these will be part of a publication that soon will be out. 

We would like to thank the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe and MEP Michael Bloss (Greens/European Free Alliance) for the support of this project. 

Stay tuned!