Reflections on September Climate strike – How we brought down the West-East division in Europe

During September 2019, the world saw the biggest climate strike mobilization of more than 7.6 million people going and protesting in the streets. 

 The main reason behind the strikes during September was to show to the world leaders, gathered at the UN Climate Action Summit in New York, the climate emergency – and  vowing to keep up the pressure in the upcoming days, weeks and months. So far, 65 countries have said that they are willing to fulfill their national climate targets — but that’s not enough. That’s why we need to continue working on advocacy for Climate justice. 

Before the global climate strike in September, CDN organized the webinar “Reflections on Climate strike”. In this webinar, CDN Member and Partner organizations shared some of the takeaways from their Climate Strike experiences. They also discussed about the prevailing Climate strike division.
But what is the Climate strike division? 

Climate strikes of CDN Member and Partner organizations

Even though the climate strike has traveled throught Europe, there was still a significant gap between the number of climate strikes that took place in West Europe compared to the Eastern part. In this webinar, members of CDN member organizations reflected on the different reasons that play a role in this division.

But in September things got twisted! A lot of climate strikes took place in the region of Eastern Europe as well. Among these strikes, more than 15 Member and Partner organizations from CDN took place in the September Global Climate strikes in the following cities: Tbilisi, Tirana, Belgrade, Cyprus, Tuzla, Sofia, Zagreb, Yerevan, Istanbul, Gdynia, #Krakow, #Bydgoszcz, Skopje Kyiv, Brno, and Prague. 

 Even in authoritarian countries like Belarus, where the right of peaceful assembly is not guaranteed, the greens were brave enough and joined the climate strike through the form of one person-protest.

 In order to check out the climate protests that took place in Eastern Europe during September, follow this link.  

Now another Global climate strike lies ahead! Don’t forget to follow us on our social network for the next global climate strike in November 29!!!