Work Plan – “Urban Steps for Resilient Future”

Seminar “Digitised security – How to read the surveillance discourse and fight it!”

(Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, April 2017)

  1. Introductory course to digital rights [link]
  2. Publication: Read between the 0s and 1s: reclaim your digital rights [PDF]
  3. Cartoon: Love Actually 2.0 (00:02:52) [link]
  4. Infographics: tips for online safety [link]

Study Session “Think global, Learn international, Act local”

(Budapest, Hungary – January 2017)

    • Report “Think global, Learn international, Act local” [link]

Study Session “Alternative Youth Urbanisation – Reclaim the City!”

(Budapest, Hungary – June 2016)

  • Report ,,Alternative Youth Urbanisation” [PDF]

Seminar “I know, therefore I act! Information War and Youth Participation”

(Kiev, Ukraine – April 2016)

  • Toolkit (Session Outlines and Seminar Materials) – tba
  • Statement [PDF]

Study Session “Bordering on the possible – Migration, Policy-making and Youth”

(Budapest, Hungary – June 2015)

  • Report “Bordering on the Possible” [PDF]

Seminar “Sharing is Caring! Collective Action and Common Solutions”

(Tsaghkadzor, Armenia – April-May 2015)

  • Toolkit – Session Outlines and Seminar Materials [link]
  • Manifesto [PDF]
  • Action annex ENG, RUS

Conference “Europe Ahead!”

(Belgrade, Serbia – October 2014)

Study Session “Open Source – Open Mind”

(Strasbourg, France –  March 2014)