Ukrainian Young Greens: Autumn Camp 2016


Ukrainian Young Greens had their first Autumn Camp (October, 14-16-th) in Kyiv. Participants of camp were from different regions of Ukraine. This event helped to create a stronger team.


During the AC we discussed pollution problems in Ukraine, searched the ways of solution and talked over our role in this process. We also met remarkable and broad-minded personalities, who have strong ties to Green movement in Ukraine and in the world. We had really exciting discussions with Johan Hamels (Green Party of Canada). Young Greens got much experience, much knowledge about youthful political space in Ukraine and abroad.


After having this educational and encouraging event, everyone feels that we really have got a united green family in Ukraine. We will be able to work well in our team, be good at using our own initiatives and achieve necessary goals. So we, Ukrainian Young Greens, have a “can do” attitude now and we are ready to face different challenges. We are on the right way, so the results will come soon.