Urban reporters wanted!

Dear all, Alternative Urbanisation Working Group has a proposal we think you might find interesting. They want to make a collage of experiences and feelings around urban changes that are happening due to Covid-19 outbreak. Through sharing our impressions and daily routines, we feel it would help reconnecting in these disconnected times.

We’ve all witnessed how in just few months the whole world has changed upside down, including cities, countryside, our households, workplaces – you name it! We want to document this, providing a virtual space where we can all share and reflect on consequences of measures imposed to keep us safe, but that have undoubtedly affected freedom we enjoyed in our cities.

Following these measures, we want you to capture particular parts within your cities that have changed and that might’ve had an impact on your daily life.

This can be for example: way too long lines in front of banks, markets; usually crowded but now empty squares; self-isolation experience; natural sights coming back to life, etc. You can take either a photo or a video and share it along with a description, a recollection or a memory of something funny, serious or whatever else you think of, on email elena@cdnee.org. We’ll share these on CDN’s social media, so keep tuned and watch out for those urban reporters! ..and again – be creative within safety measures!

#coronaurbanreporters #cdnee