Does national security justify mass surveillance?

Report on the “Digitised Security – How to read online surveillance and fight it!” seminar

From 24-30 April 2017, the Cooperation and Development Network of Eastern Europe (CDN) – in collaboration with the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe, and Green European Foundation (GEF), and with the support of Green Forum, ISOC Serbia, ISOC Europe, and MEP Terry Reintke – organised a six-day youth seminar on cybersecurity and digital rights in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. More than 40 young people from all over Europe explored how the Internet works, how it is governed, how it has developed since its inception, and what it means today for society, young people, and for (Green) activism and politics. Continue reading

Digitised security – How to read the surveillance discourse and fight it!

CDN, the digital [x] working group and Revolt are organising an international youth seminar on digital rights. It will take place from 24 – 30 April in Bosnia. It was inspired by a digital [x] webinar that looked at the political reactions sparked by the terrorist attacks in Paris and how the tension between security and freedom was framed by agenda setters. A year later, censorship and mass surveillance are becoming the norm, and we want to fight this: we want to change the discourse to achieve better policy and give everyone the tools to protect their freedom even in hostile environments.

Together we will:

  • explore how recent events have led to fear being instrumentalised to restrict our online freedoms;
  • analyse how online censorship and mass surveillance are justified by governing bodies, why these policies are ineffective at increasing security;
  • see how they harm personal freedoms and democracy;
  • look at why anonymity and privacy is important for oppressed and minority groups to avoid persecution and harassment.
  • develop skills to use software that protects us from surveillance and overcomes censorship.

During this week-long event we will bring together 40 young people from all over Europe. This event will burst the Green bubble by closely collaborating with digital rights and hacker organisations from across the region and the rest of Europe. This seminar is not for nerds only, it will unite people who are new to the topic with seasoned digital rights activists. We aim at creating a vibrant environment to produce sustainable and long lasting collaboration to fight for our common digital rights!

If you are curious about what’s at stake in the online world and how it connects to the wider political struggles of our time, join us! Everyone is warmly welcome!


Date: 24 – 30 April 2017
Duration: 6 working days
Location: (close to) Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Working language: English
Number of participants: 40


The programme will be based on the principles of non-formal education and intercultural learning. We strive for active, inclusive and direct communication and transfer of knowledge. Sessions will be balanced between theoretical inputs, workshops, role-plays, debates, discussions, reflection and other interactive methods of learning.

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This Project is supported by the Youth Department of the Council of Europe, Green Forum (Sweden), Green European Foundation, Internet Society and Terry Reintke (Member of the European Parliament, The Greens/EFA)

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Подайте заявку на тренинг: Активизм в зеленых тонах – зеленые ценности для Украины


Приглашаем вас принять участие в тренинге, посвященном Зеленым ценностям, который состоится 16-18 декабря в Киеве. 15 молодых людей из разных регионов Украины,а также их ровесники – гости из Беларуси, Молдовы и Евросоюза соберутся вместе, чтобы более тесно познакомиться с международным Зеленым движением и обсудить возможности сотрудничества.

Рабочий язык мероприятия – русский, некоторые сессии будут на английском (в случае необходимости будет обеспечен перевод).

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Call for Participants: Following the Money – the World Bank’s Answer to Refugee Crisis

CDN’s Migration Working group is happy to invite you to our second webinar, this time with Ellen Goldstein, the World Bank’s Country Director for the Western Balkans. The main topics covered during the event will be the World Bank’s response to migration, the reintegration of returning migrants to their respective societies, and migration out of economic considerations in the Western Balkans. Continue reading

First in-person Migration Working Group Meeting

Between 12th and 16th of October, Federation of Young European Greens held its annual working groups meeting in Brussels, Belgium. As in the previous years, the aim of the meeting was to gather members from the 10 active working groups under the FYEG in order to work jointly on exchange of ideas, creation of an action plan and development of strategies for its implementation in the forthcoming period. Continue reading

Green Forum intern in CDN office

5 October 2016 CDN is happy to host Albin Arleskär, Green Forum‘s intern, for a month in our office in Belgrade. Exchange between Green partners from all over Europe is a crucial part of our work and helps us to understand each-other’s issues better, exchange practices in order to create better green policies on the local level. Read his introduction below: Continue reading

I know, therefore I act! Information War and Youth Participation

16 May 2016
From 24 to 30 April, 2016, we organised the seminar: I know, therefore I act! Information War and Youth Participation. We organised this project in collaboration with our local partners, the Young Greens of Ukraine, and with the invaluable support of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe, Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Kiev, Green Forum Sweden and the Member of European Parliament (MEP) Peter Eriksson (Greens/EFA).

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Open Call for members of CDN Working Group on Migration



Dear friends,
Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe (CDN) is pleased to announce the open call for motivated people to join the initiative of forming the very new Working Group on Migration.
We believe that only a united response can address the present refugee and migration crisis in Europe. If you are following the current situation with refugee and migration movements, and you are passionate to act for solidarity, equality, for respect of fundamental human right and freedoms, this is the answer for you.
Working Group aims to act on behalf of those vulnerable groups of people whose voices are unheard. Join us and together with our team we will do campaigning, information sharing, raise awareness, write articles, and many more for the well-being of humanity.

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