Call for Coordination Team: Urban Steps For Resilient Future

CDN and its Alternative Urbanization Working Group are announcing a call for members of the international Coordination Team of our Annual Work Plan “Urban Steps for Resilient Future – Building Youth Activism in Eastern Europe”. The project is a follow up of CDN’s Study Session in the European Youth Center Budapest from 2016 titled “Reclaim Your City” and aims to explore Urban activism as an entry point for youth participation, to help young people turn their ideas into concrete actions and to enable young people to articulate their political demands to the local authorities and stakeholders. The full project description can be found HERE.

Coordination Team members are going to coordinate the Annual Work Plan and all its activities – Training of Trainers, Regional Trainings and Local Action – with a full support of a member of CDN Secretariat and Executive Committee respectively.

We are looking for young people that are passionate about alternative ways of urbanization, fair, inclusive and green cities, youth participation in political decision making, as well as the values of the Green movement. The call is open for people coming from Council of Europe member states, as well as Kosovo*, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

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Urban Steps for Resilient Future – Building Youth Activism in Eastern Europe

CDN is organising a long-term project that will address urban communities – particularly the way they are built (environmentally and socially) – and young people’s role in shaping and improving those. Public spaces and urban commons are political and social areas that young people identify with and where they exercise their rights. There is a need for reclaiming those spaces and strengthening young people’s ties to them. In order to empower young people in reshaping their communities through direct actions – based on principles of democracy and inclusion – to create more sustainable green cities, we want to: Continue reading

Call for articles: Alternative Urbanisation

The development of autonomous local self-governments is a crucial element of the long-term transition to democracy in Central and Eastern Europe and the newly independent states of the former Soviet Union. CDN’s Alternative Urbanisation Working Group decided to open a call for articles on this very topic, with a focus on urban self-management. Continue reading

CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS: Study Session ,,Alternative Youth Urbanisation – Reclaim the City!”

Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe is announcing a call for participants for the Study Session “Alternative Youth Urbanisation – Reclaim the City!”. The event is taking place in the European Youth Centre in Budapest, Hungary in cooperation with the Council of Europe’s Youth Department from 12th to 19th June.

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Call for Prep-Team: Study Session ,,Alternative Youth Urbanisation – Reclaim the City!”

Cooperation and Development Network  Eastern Europe is announcing a call for members of the international  preparatory team for the study session “Alternative Youth Urbanisation – Reclaim the City. It is a seven days long Study Session for 40 young Europeans about Alternative Urbanisation of the Cities and Youth participation. The study session will take place in Budapest from 12th to 19th of June 2016. The call is open for active, young people, who share the Green values, coming from Council of Europe member states, Belarus, Kosovo and Kazakhstan.


DEADLINE for submitting online applications: 7th of February 2016 at midnight (CET).


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Alternative Youth Urbanisation – Reclaim the City!

Study Session 12th – 19th June 2016, EYC Budapest, Hungary

Summary of topics:

With this project we want to enhance the participation of youth in the creation of sustainable green cities, through taking part in decision making process or direct actions in their local communities based on and working for the principles and values of direct democracy, solidarity and inclusion.

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,,Sharing is Caring” seminar

From 26th of April to 2nd of May CDN organized a seminar “Sharing is Caring! Collective action and common solutions”, on the topic of commons. “Sharing is Caring” was hosted by our local partners: Youth wing of Association for Sustainable Human Development and Partnership for Green Development. The seminar was supported by European Youth Foundation of Council of Europe, Green Forum Sweden, Heinrich Boll Foundation South Caucasus, Terry Reintke (MEP) and the host organizations. Continue reading

Strategy Planning Meeting report

10360914_762257797154231_3941542598793490246_nCooperation and Development Network held its Second Strategy Planning Meeting in Belgrade, from 1st to 3rd October. We gathered representatives of Member and Partner organizations and Working group. For two days SPM delegates discussed different aspects of CDN work, internal and external cooperation and  communication, action plans. This meeting was a starting point to new Strategy statement, that next General Assembly should vote upon, for period of 2015-2018. Full report/conclusions and directions brought by SPM you can find on following link: