Green Forum intern in CDN office

5 October 2016 CDN is happy to host Albin Arleskär, Green Forum‘s intern, for a month in our office in Belgrade. Exchange between Green partners from all over Europe is a crucial part of our work and helps us to understand each-other’s issues better, exchange practices in order to create better green policies on the local level. Read his introduction below: Continue reading

Open Call for new members of CDN Gender Working Group


Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe (CDN) is happy to announce an open call for new members of the Gender Working group. We are looking for interested and motivated people who want discover everything connected to gender, how it affects us, how we can affect it.

Are you interested in gender, do not quite know what it is all about or do not understand why we should even care about it? Come and join our Gender Working group. Continue reading

Gender awareness in Serbia

9th March 2016

,,Why does the discussion about gender make people uncomfortable? In Serbia, LGBT+ people are being excluded from their communities and International Women’s day is confused with romantic courting. People are afraid to say that they are feminists and young females are facing misogyny. The Green Forum intern Kristina Grujicic met with gender coordinators from two green organizations in Eastern Europe.”

To read the rest of the article, please visit the Green Forum website.

MIL Network: “Gender and Human Rights” session in Baku

MIL Network from Azerbaijan (The Project for the Development of Managers) held the session on “Gender and Human Rights” which was organized by MIL Gender Club on 8th of November 2015 in Turkish World Youth Association in Baku.  The session aimed to raise the public awareness of the issues as gender and human rights. The main topic was gender equality as a fundamental human right. However, people often have their human rights violated on the basis of their gender identity or sexual orientation. Furthermore, some of the key issues relate to participation, gender-based violence, armed conflicts, and poverty, as well as sexual and reproductive rights were also tackled during the discussions. The session was successful as most of participants were involved in the topic and had a lot of questions regarding the gender, human rights and Civil and Marriage Code. 

Gender equality within CDN membership

– Survey Results –


hands-1CDN Gender Working Group conducted a survey in the autumn 2014 with an aim to assess Gender equality in CDN Member and Partner organizations and get clearer picture on current situation in organizational structure.

Organizations participating in this survey are CDN Member and Partner organizations: young Green political organizations (either independent or youth wings of mother parties), youth movements with focus on social issues and NGOs predominantly orientated to ecological issues.

With this survey Gender working group aimed to examine gender statistics in:

— membership structure
– organizational structure
– international gender activity.

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Strategy Planning Meeting report

10360914_762257797154231_3941542598793490246_nCooperation and Development Network held its Second Strategy Planning Meeting in Belgrade, from 1st to 3rd October. We gathered representatives of Member and Partner organizations and Working group. For two days SPM delegates discussed different aspects of CDN work, internal and external cooperation and  communication, action plans. This meeting was a starting point to new Strategy statement, that next General Assembly should vote upon, for period of 2015-2018. Full report/conclusions and directions brought by SPM you can find on following link: