Call for participants: “Green Training” and “Green Policies”

CDN is welcoming you to take part in a series of trainings titled “Green Training and Green Policies”. It will consist of two activities, which will take place in Ukraine this autumn. We are planning to gather 25 young activists who have strong ties to or are willing to become a part of the Green Movement, coming from Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus. The deadline for submitting the application is 20th of August.

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Заявка на участие: “Зеленый тренинг и Зеленая политика”

Сеть сотрудничества и развития в Восточной Европе (CDN) рад пригласить Вас на серию тренингов “Зеленый тренинг” и “Зеленая политика”, которые пройдут в Украине этой осенью. Мы планируем объединить 25 молодых активистов, которые хотят стать частью Зеленого движения в России, Украине, Молдове и Беларуси (РУМБ регион).

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Green Ukraine: Call for Prep-Team

CDN is looking for prep-team members for the project consisting of two activities: “Green Training” and ”Greening Policy”. The activities are going to take place on 15-18 September and late November (weekend) 2017 in Ukraine. For details, check out the project page.

We are looking for young people who are passionate about activism and the values of the Green movement, coming from one of the following countries: Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus (RUMB). Continue reading

Green Ukraine 2017

After the series of events started in 2016 with the long-term goal to enhance the Green Movement in  by developing the Green vision among the wider youth in the region, CDN continues with a new series of activities towards the same goal. By establishing a connection between young, Green-minded people and organisations in Ukraine and the RUMB (Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus) region, by deepening the understanding of Green values and connecting Green activism to Green politics, we are going to create a platform for young activists to examine the ways of influencing certain policies in an inclusive, green, and democratic manner in local and regional contexts.

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Подайте заявку на тренинг: Активизм в зеленых тонах – зеленые ценности для Украины


Приглашаем вас принять участие в тренинге, посвященном Зеленым ценностям, который состоится 16-18 декабря в Киеве. 15 молодых людей из разных регионов Украины,а также их ровесники – гости из Беларуси, Молдовы и Евросоюза соберутся вместе, чтобы более тесно познакомиться с международным Зеленым движением и обсудить возможности сотрудничества.

Рабочий язык мероприятия – русский, некоторые сессии будут на английском (в случае необходимости будет обеспечен перевод).

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I know, therefore I act! Information War and Youth Participation

16 May 2016
From 24 to 30 April, 2016, we organised the seminar: I know, therefore I act! Information War and Youth Participation. We organised this project in collaboration with our local partners, the Young Greens of Ukraine, and with the invaluable support of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe, Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Kiev, Green Forum Sweden and the Member of European Parliament (MEP) Peter Eriksson (Greens/EFA).

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Open Call for Participants: “I know, therefore I act! Information War and Youth Participation”

Dear friends!

Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe is announcing a call for participants for “I know, therefore I act! Information War and Youth Participation”, that will take place in Ukraine from 24th to 30th of April 2016. Looking at the case of Ukraine and integrating experiences from Belarus and Azerbaijan, we will explore mechanisms of the Information War and their effects on youth participation. 

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Green Academy: Information War

Green Academy 2016 with main topic – “Information War” was organized by Belarus Young Greens and Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe with the support of Green Forum Sweden during 15th – 17th January 2016 in Lviv, Ukraine. During 3 days 20 participants from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Russia gathered to explore media and its influence on mass-consciousness. The program tackled mechanisms of propaganda, starting with historical perspective, its development, and emphasis on consequences and effects on people’s conscious (hate speech, empathy, polarization of society, marking people), finishing with present initiatives – what is currently being done and what are the possible ways to combat it. Continue reading

Зелёная Академия: Открытый конкурс для участников (Львов, Украина)

 Сеть Сотрудничества и Развития в Восточной Европе (Cooperation and Development Network of Eastern Europe) и Молодые зелёные Беларуси при поддержке Зелёного Форума Швеции (Green Forum Sweden) приглашают принять участие в трехдневной Зеленой Академии, посвященной теме информационной войны и возможностям противодействия ей.

Приглашаем 20 участников из Украины, Беларуси, Молдовы, России – молодых людей, которые обеспокоены тенденциями в информационном пространстве региона и хотели бы понять, каким образом можно повлиять на ситуацию. Continue reading