Open Call for Prep Team: Seminar “Digitised security – How to read the surveillance discourse and fight it!”

CDN, the digital [x] working group and Youth movement Revolt are announcing a call for members of the international preparatory team for the seminar “Digitised security – How to read the surveillance discourse and fight it!”. It will take place from 24 – 30 April 2017 in Bosnia. It was inspired by a digital [x] […]

Подайте заявку на тренинг: Активизм в зеленых тонах – зеленые ценности для Украины

  Приглашаем вас принять участие в тренинге, посвященном Зеленым ценностям, который состоится 16-18 декабря в Киеве. 15 молодых людей из разных регионов Украины,а также их ровесники – гости из Беларуси, Молдовы и Евросоюза соберутся вместе, чтобы более тесно познакомиться с международным Зеленым движением и обсудить возможности сотрудничества. Рабочий язык мероприятия – русский, некоторые сессии будут […]

Call for Participants: Following the Money – the World Bank’s Answer to Refugee Crisis

CDN’s Migration Working group is happy to invite you to our second webinar, this time with Ellen Goldstein, the World Bank’s Country Director for the Western Balkans. The main topics covered during the event will be the World Bank’s response to migration, the reintegration of returning migrants to their respective societies, and migration out of […]

Caucasus Regional Meeting 2016

From the 28th to 30th of October 2016 Cooperation and Development Network, together with the Georgian Young Greens organised a Caucasus Regional Meeting in Tbilisi, Georgia. The event gathered 25 green-minded activists coming from CDN Member and associated organisations from Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. CDN and the Georgian Young Greens have a tradition of organising […]

LGBT+ issues in South Caucasus / Caucasus Regional Meeting

After the fall of the Soviet Union, not being heterosexual was decriminalized in the South Caucasus and the movement started to take shape. Thus, LGBT+ movements in the South Caucasus region does not have a long history. When the movement started to get organised, the abbreviation was often used – awareness of the existence of […]

Climate Change and the South Caucasus /Caucasus Regional Meeting

The greenhouse effect is a phenomenon in which the atmosphere of a planet traps radiation emitted by its sun. It is caused by gases such as carbon dioxide, water vapor, and methane that allow incoming sunlight to pass through but retain heat radiated back from the planet’s surface. Given normal circumstances these gases provide the […]

Call for host organization of CDN General Assembly 2017

  We are announcing a call for the host of CDN General Assembly 2017.   The host organization will be responsible for the technical coordination of the meeting with support of the CDN Office. While CDN’s Executive Committee will be responsible for the agenda, the local host organization will have the opportunity to organize a […]