Earth Day – Albanian Young Greens

On the 22nd of April Albanian Young Greens gathered on the beach of Durres (Albania) to spread awareness to the local government but also to the whole citizens of Albania in this important day for the Earth. Waste management is totally necessary to assure to the next generation a safe future for them. We shall take the necessary steps to enforce the laws that gives priority to the environment […]

General Assembly 2015 – report

CDN’s 6th General Assembly took place in Chișinău, Moldova from 26th February to 1st March, 2015. We want to thank our Member Organisation Gutta Club which hosted this year’s General Assembly and did a great job at organising everything ranging from the venue to general accommodation. We also had the unique opportunity to participate in […]

General Assembly

The General Assembly shall meet in ordinary session, and be organised by the Executive Committee, at least once a year. The General Assembly has full power to take any necessary decision in order to realise the objectives of CDN. General Assembly is made up of the member organisations and partner organisations of CDN. Member organisation […]

CDN In Armenia 2015

Since 2008 CDN is present in South Caucasus and together with local partners we try to realize what is the region of South Caucasus, how people transit from past to future through present days and how to make region Green(er). This Caucasus puzzle is solved piece by piece. Thus, this March we went to Yerevan, […]