Strategy Planning meeting report

Cooperation and Development Network held its Second Strategy Planning Meeting in Belgrade, from 1st to 3rd October. We gathered representatives of Member and Partner organizations and Working group. For two days SPM delegates discussed different aspects of CDN work, internal and external cooperation and  communication, action plans. This meeting was a starting point to new […]

Open Call for organizational team of online course: “International preparatory team”

Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe is announcing a call for 4 members of the International Organizational Team unlike any other, willing to work on a creation of an online educational course that should explain and cover challenges that young people face when working in youth international preparatory teams and ensure transfer of knowledge between […]

RUMB 2013: Открытый конкурс для участников с Российской Федераци

Региональная встреча, Киев, 8-10 Ноября CDN (Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe) это сеть молодежных зелёных организаций Восточной Европы. На продолжении 10 лет существования, мы организовали несколько десятков международных семинаров,тренингов, летних лагерей, учебных сессий и встреч по таким темам, как прямая демократия, гендерное равенство, социальная справедливость, ненасилие, экология, европейская интеграция, права человека, средства массовой информации, участие […]

Open call / Открытый конкурс

CDN is happy to announce Open call for participants of Study session “Navigate Out of the Web of Violence” that will be held in European Youth Centre Budapest from 20th to 27th October 2013. This project is dedicated to topic of Gender-based Violence online. More details on the project page. CDN рада объявить открытый конкурс для участников на Учебную Сессию “Переход […]