Art for Freedom – call for the Local Actions

Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe and its Gender Working Group are happy to announce the third step of the annual work plan “Art for the Young, the Queer, the Feminists of Eastern Europe”. The call for local actions is an opportunity for the youth organisations or group of young people to submit the applications […]

Study Session “Work that Works for all: Shaping Europe’s Future of Work”

Young people today feel more and more disengaged with participation in organisations, activism or decision-making structures as the economic and social difficulties they face persevere. There is a discrepancy between guaranteed social rights and what is experienced by young people in reality. On top of issues, such as job insecurity or unpaid internships, discrimination at […]

Urban reporters wanted!

Dear all, Alternative Urbanisation Working Group has a proposal we think you might find interesting. They want to make a collage of experiences and feelings around urban changes that are happening due to Covid-19 outbreak. Through sharing our impressions and daily routines, we feel it would help reconnecting in these disconnected times. We’ve all witnessed […]

Belarusian authorities stop denying the COVID-19!

While countries in Europe and all over the world have been imposing quarantine and lockdowns, and calling the state of emergency, this doesn’t seem to be the case in Belarus. Even though the World Health Organization rung the alarm bell of the Coronavirus global pandemic, that requires extra precaution measures, Belarusian authorities keep denying the […]

General Assembly and Strategic Planning Meeting 2020 Report

Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe held its 11th General Assembly in Ratomka, Belarus 3-8th of March 2020. The General Assembly was hosted by our Member Organisation, Belarus Young Greens. The General Assembly was preceded by the Strategic Planning Meeting (4-5 March) which served as a starting point for discussion the Strategy 2022-24 with Member […]